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          產品分類  PRODUCTS
          • 第一篇 風機箱(離心式)
          一、HTFC(DT)-I、II、V 系列低噪聲消防排煙(兩用)風機箱
          二、BF 系列低噪聲變風量風機箱
          三、GDF 系列低噪聲離心管道風機
          四、CF 系列單吸廚房排油煙風機
          五、YDF 系列誘導風機
          • 第二篇 軸流(混流、斜流)式風機
          一、HTF(GYF)-I、II、III、D、G、IIG 系列消防排煙軸流風機
          二、SWF(HLF、GXF)-I、II、H 系列高效混流風機
          五、SDF 系列加壓軸流風機
          六、DZ 系列低噪聲軸流風機
          八、LFF 系列冷庫專用風機
          九、DBF 系列大型變壓器專用冷卻風機
          十、SFZ 系列空調室外機組冷卻風機
          十二、DWEX 系列邊墻式風機
          十三、JT-LZ 系列冷卻塔專用風機
          • 第三篇 屋頂通風風機
          一、DWT-I 系列軸流式屋頂風機
          二、DWT-II、III 系列離心式屋頂風機
          三、DWT-IV 系列無電機渦輪屋頂排風機
          四、RTC 系列鋁制離心式屋頂風機
          • 第四篇 工業離心風機
          二、9-19、9-26 高壓離心風機
          三、G(Y)4-73 鍋爐離心風機
          • 第五篇 其他類風機
          一、DJF-1、SR900 系列電動腳踏兩用風機
          二、BLD、APB 低噪聲吸頂式房間通風器及百葉窗式換氣扇
          三、DPT 系列直流式靜音風機
          • 第六篇 風閥、風口、消聲器類
          一、FHF WSDc-K、PFHF WSDc-K 系列防火閥、排煙閥、排煙口、送風口
          二、SFK 系列鋁合金風口
          三、FDJ、JG 系列風機專用減振器
          四、ZP、ZG、T701-6、WX 系列風機配套消聲器、ZJ靜壓箱
          五、XK-1(2) 系列電源控制箱
          • 第七篇 風機選用及安裝維護
          聯系我們  CONTACT US
          當前位置: 首頁 > 公司簡介
                概況:紹興上虞風機銷售有限公司,位于國家風機產業基地浙江省紹興市上虞區工業園,是國內先進的消防排煙、暖通系統的通風機供應商。公司集產品制造、銷售一體化的高科技公司,最初成立于1992年,經過了近30年持續發展,具備行業領先的研制、開發、暖通系統設計及安裝等綜合實力;主要生產風機,風冷、防火閥、冷卻塔、消音、空調設備等, 產品廣泛應用于國內外電力、化工、冶金、醫藥、地鐵、隧道、煤礦、制冷、造紙和大型工業廠房及機場、酒店、會展等著名建筑領域,并遠銷德國、巴西、印度及越南等國家。公司擁有優秀的員工、現代化的廠房、精良的生產工藝、完善的檢測設備,具有年產10萬臺/套"上虞風機/上豐"的風機、風閥設備的制造能力。

          Introduction: Shaoxing Shangyu Fan Sales Co Ltd is located in the industrial zone of Shangpu, Shangyu Zhejiang where is the Chinese national fan manufacturing base (center), and we are the domestic leading supplier of fans for fire- fighting, venting as well as for the heating and ventilation in China. Our firm is a high-tech company concentrating with both manufacturing and sales and the company was founded in 1992, and through the contineous development for longer than two decades, we are capable of performing the advanced design, research & development of heating & ventilation systems as well as the erection comprehensively in this circle. The main category of our products are fan, air cooling, air valve, cooling tower, attenuator and the air-conditioning equipment etc., which are widely applied in the industry of electric power, chemical, metallurgy, medicine, metro, tunnel, coal mine, refrigeration, paper making and the large-size of factory building, airport, hotel and those famous buildings for exhibition and conference domestically and abroad. Our products are exported to Germany, Kazakhstan, Brazil, India and Vietnam etc. The company owns the employees who are well educated and trained with enough experiences and the factory buildings equipped with modern devices. The superior technology of manufacturing as well as the full equipping of test and inspection is other outstanding advantage. We have the capability of producing 100,000 set/ suit of the fans and air valves under the brand of "Shangyu Fan".
          Honors: the management of company always bear the notion of innovation, energy saving, environment protection and creditability to manage, and we are certified by ISO9001 and also achieved the certification of CCCF which is the certificating for Chinese national fire-fighting products. Moreover, we have also achieved the manufacturing license of China's state industrial product permission, and established the improved and advanced design, manufacturing, test & inspection as well as the sales plus the quality warranty system for pre-sales and after-sales services, enabling our products to reach or exceed the leading level of domestic circles and providing the customers with the reliable guarantee of adequate and quality products. The reputations gained are AA classification of "contract maintaining & creditability remaining firm", "member enterprise of quality management center", "key-point company of quality protection", "reliable brand of national standard-compliant firm", "recommended product for building construction", "popular product of quality satisfaction welcome by customer", "inspection-free product appointed and monitored by the quality association", "AAA firm of China credit", "one of the best ten fan brands in China", "famous brand", "energy saving and environment protection product" and "leading enterprise in the fan industry" etc., and these fames are authorized by the organizations such as the industrial & commercial administration and management, the center of Chinese quality management, the construction association of Chinese building, the supervision association of Chinese quality and technology, the certificating center of Chinese creditability, the authorization center of China's international brands etc.
          The future: along with the re-industrialization among the economic entity globally and through the strategical creation by the thoughts of the Belt and Road Initiative, our company is planning to make the further enhancement of the innovation of science and technology, and also co-operated closely with the Zhejiang University, the Shanghai Communication University, the Nanjing Aviation and Aerospace University, we are aiming to the goal of new round of enterprise structure promotion led by the new energy application, low carbonization and the high-tech. We are also practicing the activities of turning from the expending of quantity to the innovation of technology, as well as the turning from the quality warranty to the manufacturing service. Our another goal is to develop towards the front-edge of international manufacturing and we are struggling and paying every effort we can to be able to establish the global brand of high level and the year-hundred's name of Shangyu fans world-wide.
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